"In the beginning...

Cledus Jeremiah Jones was born into the Appalachian foothills. Some folks might a’ called him a hillbilly, but in fact his name was not Billy, it was Cledus Jeremiah Jones. Musical historians and religious scholars disagree as to whether Cledus was more sinner or saint. Some Sundays he’d burn with the holy spirit; others, he was ablaze with holy spirits, white lightning, Appalachian moonshine. Nevertheless, in the eyes of the children who gathered near the fountains and pools where Cledus sang as he bathed, Cledus Jeremiah Jones was a prophet, a divine messenger channeling the spirits of the Appalachian foothills.

Scholars do agree on one thing - the parables and songs of Cledus Jeremiah Jones were not written of his own hand; rather, they were passed down by those who received the Gospel of Cledus. These children, after decades of roaming the hills and singing his songs became known as the CJ Jones Spirit Bones. We are grateful to these children who have preserved the legend. And here in this historical collection they bring you: The Odyssey of Cledus Jeremiah Jones.

The Odyssey of Cledus Jeremiah Jones

The Odyssey by CJ Jones & the Spirit Bones is exclusivily available for Download or on Compact Disc at CDbaby.com

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"It Izzles”


"The CJ Jones-Groove is harder than a preacher on Sunday morning.”

-Pat Roberstone, 696.9 Club

“My ear hole will never be the same.”

-Booty Coolins, funk historian

"These songs touched me like the real men that are missing from my life"

-Yo Mama

“A defining work for the Funkabilly movement”

-Sweet Baby Cheezits, editor of Funkabilly Zine, and son of the Big Cheeze.

The Odyssey Songs

CJ Jones & the Spirt Bones | The Odyssey of Cledus Jeremiah Jones

Eagle's Nest Blues | Buy Now!

I Got No One | Buy Now!

Jesus Is Coming | Buy Now!

Gold Mine | Buy Now!

Jack the Sniffer | Buy Now!

Blood On My Guitar | Buy Now!

Half Gone | Buy Now!

Stand Your Own Ground | Buy Now!

Smitten & Bitten | Buy Now!

Good as All | Buy Now!

Album Folk Art

Thank you to all the visionary visual artists on this project, and Polly the Potter.

Chicken Snake

Artist: Loose Peter

Cosmic Rondelle

Folk artist: Rob Seven

Jones family crest

Artist: Tex Crawford

Gold mine in the attic

Artist: Tex Crawford

Eagles Nest

Artist: Loose Peter

Flaming Banjo of the Apocalypse,2015

Artist: Ted Pettus

Giving the devil a haircut

Artist: CM Laster

Portfolio Item 7

Folk Artist: Loose Peter

Smitten and Bitten

Folk Artist: Sam Granger

Cyclops Mermaid

Folk Artist: Miz Thang

Peace in the garden

Artist: Loose Peter


Artist: Amy Stout 2014 -- Photo by Ted Pettus

Pray for Atlanta/h3> Folk Artist: R Land

Dr. Porten Gootsa

Artist: Rob Seven


Cledus and the spirit bones are out there... playing... look here to see where and when!

Who is Cledus Jeremiah Jones?

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Sat. Oct 22 | Athens Festival | TRANSPECTACLE
Thurs. Sep 22 | Cledus Life Milestone | Clermont Lounge
Special guest: Aviva and the flying penguins

The Band

All songs transubstantiated through Boxcar Ted and Arranged by Runaway Mike, Engineered and produced by Michael Iris
Recorded at Bell Creek Studio, Welcome, WA, Executive producer Ted Pettus, Mastered by Carl Saff @ CSM Chicago, IL, Graphic design by Amanda Wheeler
Photography by David Callihan, and Website design by some drunk guy in Edgewood.

Boxcar Ted

Vocals, Harmonica

Runaway Mike


Brother Franklin

Vocals, Mandelin

Cledus Jr

Vocals, Kazoo, Banjo

President Lincoln McRib

Upright Bass

Special Agent Dill Spear

drums & percussion


Vocals, trumpet

Cha Cha


Fun Facts

Behind the making of "The Odyssey of Cledus Jeremiah Jones"

Hours thinking deep thoughts
Studio hours stolen
People taken advantage of & abused
Souls sold cheap for fame

Thank You

Thank you to everyone who made this record happen. Amy Stout for patience and a long leash, Patsy & Hunter Pettus for a lifetime of total acceptance
Aviva Vuvuzella, Billy Dunn, Andy Weiskoff, Ralph Roddenberry, Ben Farmer, and to all of those crazy cats who are so unique that they make everyone around them open up a little more
Tim Embry, Patti Kunkle, Jean Heinrich, Bill Fleming, Donna and Leif Palmer, John Apana, and all the visionary visual artists on this project, and Polly the Potter.

Contact Info

CJ Jones and the Spirit Bones
P.O Box 958
Decatur, GA 30031
P: 404-307-6676